Pinpointing Your Niche

To successfully sell an online course, you need to be very clear on WHO it’s for so that you attract the ideal customer. Many people make the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone – and are completely ignored as a result!

This episode will help you identify YOUR niche and narrow it down so that you can attract raving fans and buyers…. plus I give you my answer on whether you should follow you passion or follow the money. 

I also announce the winner of my iPad giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered.

Referenced in this episode:
Episode 6: How a Programmer made $2.5M Teaching Online.

Questions to find your path of least resistance:

  • What’s easy for me but hard for others?
  • What am I already helping people with?
  • What’s easy for me to talk and teach about?
  • Where do I have all the experience and can demonstrate my credibility?

Crafting Your Niche statement:

“I help [who] do [result].”

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