Hey! My name is Jordan Valeriote.

(No one can pronounce my last name, so I went with “JVAL” to make things easy.)

I spent almost a decade producing and mixing records professionally before creating Hardcore Music Studio, a website and YouTube channel that helps rock & metal engineers make better records.

Chances are, you landed on this page because you’re interested in starting or growing an online business that leverages the passion & knowledge you already have.


  • Earning money 24/7 – even when you’re sleeping, watching movies or traveling the world
  • Unlocking an unlimited income potential without giving up your passion (actually, by going all in on it!)
  • Designing a business that allows you to work wherever and whenever you want
  • Escaping the hamster wheel of trading hours for dollars and offering your expertise to thousands of people at the same time

These are the results I’ve been able to create through my online business, and I’ve met countless others who are earning multiple 6 or 7-figures per year by teaching, training and coaching online in niches I didn’t even know existed!

I want to help you start or grow an online knowledge business that creates freedom, impact and income.

The best part?

This is one of the simplest, easiest and lowest-overhead businesses you can create…

And you can get started today. 


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This is one of my guiding principles in life and business.

Learning is good, but taking action is better!

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